Power Skills for Bad Ass Women

Interactive workshops to help you build power skills for your career


Let’s talk about money. A$K takes negotiation training to a whole new level to get you fired up to make your next ask. Get ready for your next promotion, salary negotiation, or side hustle ask.


Let’s mingle. Forget what you know about networking. Old school is out. Networking Without Pants is designed to help anyone start authentic conversations and make an impression. Introverts welcome.

Public Speaking

Make your voice heard through smart delivery. Audience Boss is designed for those whose fear is real but want to speak up anyway.  Your ideas deserve traction and this workshop will get you there.

Communicate well.

Professional career training for fabulously ambitious women.


This isn't the old boys networking hour


Meet other clever women and try new skills

Ivy-League Flavor

Designed by a former Yale MBA Career Coach


Post-workshop community to achieve your goals

The Fab Women Series is designed for movers and shakers who aim to raise their voice in the workplace.

Students, executives, firefighters, activists, educators, entrepreneurs, builders, future leaders, people wranglers, mothers, assistants, creators, and everyone else who wants to get sh*t done.

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