One part communicator. One part experience designer.  One part advice giver. All parts loud.

Hey there. I’m Nicolle, chief designer and communicator of the Fab Women Series.


Quick question: Who taught you how to negotiate or ask for more money? Who taught you how to network like a boss? Who taught you how to accept your fear of public speaking and go on with it anyway? If you’re like most people, the answer is: nobody.


I launched the Fab Women Series to teach women the key communication skills they need to advance their ideas, get their next job, and get paid well for it. For the past two years I worked as a career coach at Yale School of Management. I taught students powerful skills for their post-MBA careers. As I helped them negotiate for more money and build powerful networks, I laughed at the irony that nobody had actually taught me those skills. I learned on my own through trial and plenty of awkward errors.


Now I’m bringing Ivy League training to the masses. Power skills – the ability to communicate, persuade, and influence – shouldn’t be limited to elite students. The Fab Women Series is open to all, no matter where you are at in your career. Whether you’re returning to the workforce, building your own client base for your carpentry business, learning to code, serving at the local bar, saving up money for your next college course, or launching a new initiative at work, this series is for you. I aim to bring together audiences that are filled with a diversity of experience and perspective.


This isn’t your father’s networking hour either. Career training shouldn’t bore your face off.  The Fab Women Series workshops are a combination of advice with action. You’ll move around. You’ll yell things. And you’ll probably make a new professional friend. I’m bringing Ivy-league career training to the masses but with a lot more flair and a few more f-bombs.


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