Interactive Career Workshops for Fabulous Women

Interactive Career Workshops for Fabulous Women

3 Workshops. 3 Power Skills.
Forget soft skills. Communication skills are power skills. And you need them to succeed in the workplace. The Fab Women Series offers 3 core workshops to teach you how to persuade and influence.


Negotiation meets motivation. Get comfortable talking about money, learn the language needed for your next ask, and get a framework for doing it. This is the perfect workshop to prepare you for your next promotion, salary negotiation, or help you set prices for your freelance gig or side hustle.

Networking without Pants

Forget business cards and lame elevator pitches. Networking gets a makeover. Learn how to create conversations with anyone and mingle like a boss, no matter your personality. You’ll leave with a few new professional friends. For introverts, extroverts, and everyone in between.

public speaking

Audience Boss

The fear of public speaking is real. Learn how to power through your fear and deliver smart, authentic presentations, no matter your audience. This workshop takes place over two sessions and includes homework. Limited to 10 participants at a time.

Perspective. Challenges. Reflection.

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