You got questions. I have answers.

Do I have to commit to all of the workshops?
No, you can take whatever ones you want. The 3 Power Skills compliment each other.

What happens when I take all the workshops?
You take over the world.

Where can I find out when the next workshop will be?
Sign up below. I’ll announce locations, dates, and throw in a few more fun things that you’ll like.

Can you help me get a job?
No. But the power skills you’ll learn, especially networking, helps you talk about professional self, communicate what you want, and share your ideas to the masses – all skills employers look for in a candidate. Also, I love reading job descriptions and share them frequently in Facebook groups and in the newsletter.

I’m not in Portland or Seattle. Can you come to my city?
Yes! I partner with organizations and conferences. Contact me for more details.

Can you do a custom workshop that combines several of your topics for my conference?

Heck yes. I do interactive workshops and keynotes that don’t put your audience to sleep. Contact me and we’ll get started.

What is the Advice + Action methodology?
It means you won’t leave the workshop without trying out the skills you’re learning. The Fab Women Series is purposely designed to give you modern advice and pair it with practice, during and after the workshop. Each workshop ends with a challenge and a time frame to complete it. Participants will join a specific Facebook group to share the results of their challenge.

How can I join the private Facebook group?
After each workshop, registered participants will receive a link to join a specific FB group to join the Fab Women community and share their successes. If you have not taken a workshop, you can hang out at the public page here.

I heard I have to talk to random people during the workshop. Is this true?
Of course. 🙂 But I make it as easy as possible to step outside your comfort zone. I’m bringing together a community of rad women, of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ages. You’ll want to meet them. Plus, it’s good for your network!

Not FAQ but answers regardless…

I don’t have a job to negotiate right now.
You will. Whether it’s a future side-hustle or a promotion, you need this skill. And most people haven’t been taught how to do it. Preparation is key – I’m bringing the language, framework and motivation to make the A$K for all that money.

Networking sucks.
Networking doesn’t make anyone’s bucket list for fun but I’ve given it a massive makeover to make it so much better. Networking is a power skill. It’s so much more than business cards, bad lighting, and luke warm food tables. Persuasion, curiosity and conversation is the name of the networking game now.

I’m scared of being in front of an audience.
I know. You aren’t alone in this. I’m going to make it suck a bit less because you and your ideas need to be heard. I will teach you how to get through that feeling and deliver bad ass content that gets you and your ideas the attention you deserve.